Double Take
Jacqui. 21.
Keepin it real since 1992.


*mic drop*



what a beautiful day to not be in high school

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my anaconda dont want none unless you got funds hun

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if the guy who got shot was white none of you would give a fuck tho

people who look like you and me don’t get targeted by the police, people who look like you and me don’t get shot in the street by the people who are paid to protect us, people who look like me and you shoot up schools and get called “misunderstood” by the mainstream media. that’s the point

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If this shit isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is.

working on cover letters


When I was a kid I thought your 20s were supposed to be fun, not filled with perpetual anxiety about financial stability and constantly feeling like an unaccomplished piece of shit. 

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"Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature. Be better than anyone here, and don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks."
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